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Plastic Waste Management Runcorn

Effective waste management maintains the appearance of your property while also offering a crucial service for comfort and convenience. We can manage the waste disposal and recycling needs of your office, retail space, or industrial companies. In the Cheshire and Runcorn areas, we provide comprehensive waste management solutions for commercial clients, including plastic recycling. To get the best out of your plastic commercial waste management, contact us on 01928 450 160.

Every year, we throw away over 513,000 tonnes of plastic bottles in the United Kingdom, which equates to approximately 8 billion bottles! Many of them wind up in landfills, where they take up a lot of room because plastic bottles are light but voluminous. Call us to not be part of the statistics.

What is Plastic Waste?

The widespread use of single-use and disposable plastics has serious environmental consequences, despite its many useful uses. Every minute, one million plastic bottles are purchased around the world. There are also five trillion single-use plastic bags used each year. Approximately half of all plastic produced is destined for single use and discarded. The global volume of plastic waste is increasing, and some of the largest producers are unable to efficiently manage their waste.

Even for wealthier countries, finding strategies to control plastic waste is difficult. Our staff at Runcorn Waste and Recycling can build a sustainable plastic waste collection and recycling program that suits your individual demands and budgetary goals, regardless of the sort of commercial property or properties you operate. In addition to our effective commercial waste management services, we also offer a simple invoicing system to make your life easier. You can expect to obtain precise service and cost-related information that everyone in your organization can read and understand.

Comprehensive Plastic Waste Management Runcorn

In order to control the waste generated by your business, a complete commercial waste management solution must include multiple components. These include storage, recycling and reducing the amount of waste your business produces. Rubbish bins are usually the most visible and widely used part of your commercial waste management system. 

You should have enough waste bins on your site to make waste disposal convenient, but not so many that they take up valuable space or obstruct everyday operations.

If you want to join a business recycling program, recycling bins are an important aspect of your overall waste management strategy.

Although recycling bins and programs differ, your program should guarantee that recycling is accessible across your premises.

Between scheduled waste pickup services, dumpsters provide a place to collect waste from waste bins in a single outside location.

In the current waste management and zero-waste systems aimed at reducing waste and promoting sustainability, plastic recycling is crucial. Plastic recycling may improve as more businesses and individuals are involved in the process. In addition to this, we have seen a shift to new products and plastic alternatives. These developments point in the right direction.

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