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Medical Waste Management Runcorn

We provide our clients with peace of mind through our environmentally friendly risk waste management methods and technologies. Our recycling program begins at the point of origin, includes transportation, processing, safe disposal, and is backed up by our trail of our previous  successful medical waste disposal.  To talk to one of our consultants, you can either fill in the form on the right or call us at 01928 450 160. 

It doesn’t matter if you run a huge pharmaceutical firm or a small clinic, we are ideally located in Cheshire and have a nationwide infrastructure network. It’s important that our clients know how to segregate and containerize all risk waste correctly to reduce the likelihood of hazards occurring to persons or the environment.

What Consists of Medical Waste?

Medical waste can be separated into several categories depending on the material used and how it should be disposed of. The UK classifies medical waste into hazardous and non-hazardous categories. General, infectious, hazardous, and radioactive waste are classifications of medical waste. There are multiple names for the same types of medical waste depending on the country you are operating in.

Any waste generated as a by-product of healthcare work in doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, hospitals, and laboratories is referred to as medical waste. Any item that may come into contact with the body during diagnosis, research, drug administration, or any other sort of treatment is included.

Different Type of Medical Wastes

General Waste – This category includes the majority of medical waste that is just like any  regular household or business waste such as food waste, plastic waste , glass waste, etc.

Infectious Waste – Any waste that could cause an infection in humans, such as blood, human tissue, or anything contaminated with biological fluids, is classified as infectious waste.

Hazardous Waste – Waste that is potentially harmful but not infectious, such as sharps, surgical waste, and some chemical waste.

Radioactive Waste- Any waste formed as a result of radioactive treatments, such as cancer therapies, and medical equipment that utilises nuclear elements is referred to as radioactive waste.

Despite the fact that there are several ways to classify and name medical waste, many of these streams are quite similar. When you know what type of waste is contained within each form of waste, you will be able to dispose of it appropriately. 

Medical Waste Disposal Runcorn

Medical waste must be categorized and separated appropriately both to safeguard healthcare professionals and other civilians, and to dispose of it safely and efficiently. Different types of medical waste require specialized disposal strategies to prevent the spread of infectious materials. There are some medical wastes that are allowed to be thrown away in landfills.

A medical incinerator may be necessary in some cases due to their unique characteristics. Most medical waste needs to be burned in order for any viruses or germs to be removed completely.

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