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Managing Commercial Paper Waste Runcorn

The importance of recycling in general, and paper recycling in particular, cannot be overstated. Also, recycled paper uses less energy, water and other resources than virgin paper, which makes it great for the environment. Therefore, it makes sense for businesses to establish proper paper waste management strategies. To ensure that your business is compliant in terms of waste management, contact us today on 01928 450 160. 

Here at Runcorn Waste, we offer free paper recycling bins and flexible waste collection to all businesses in Runcorn and all of Cheshire. Don’t hesitate to call us right away. 

What is Paper Waste?

A plastic waste occurs when paper  objects build up in an ecosystem and adversely affect animals, wildlife habitats, and humans. In addition, it describes the huge amount of paper that is not recycled and is dumped in landfills or uncontrolled dump sites. The UK consumes over 5 million tonnes of paper every year, but only a quarter of it is recycled.

In an average office setting, an employee goes through about 1.5 pounds of paper per day, which then piles up. Using less paper and going digital as much as possible will help you run a more sustainable business, as well as using recycled paper and recycling bins. You can also read articles electronically, rather than printing them. Should you really need to print out something, to save paper, run your printer only on the pages you absolutely need.

What is Paper Recycling?

Essentially, it involves reprocessing waste paper to manufacture a recycled version of the paper made from the same materials as the original. Repurposed materials can include old newspapers and magazines, containers, unwanted paper products, leftovers from paper mills, and other materials. There are two ways to recycle this material: whole or shredded.

In addition to preventing the filling of homes with waste paper and creating methane when it decomposes, paper recycling offers a variety of other major advantages. In fact, recycling paper fibers keeps the carbon which was absorbed into the trees on which they were made locked away and away from the atmosphere for longer.

Paper Recycling Process

Like any other recycling process, paper recycling begins with collection. After collection, the waste is sent to recycling centres where it will begin the recycling process. 

The first step in the paper recycling process is to sort the paper into different types and grades. The paper is then washed in soapy water to remove any film, glue, ink, or other impurities. After being washed, the paper is transferred to a huge container and combined with water to make a pulp. After that, the pulp is pressed, dried, and rolled into huge, thin sheets of recycled paper. These rolls are now ready to be cut and reused for newspaper, books, office and other items that we encounter on a regular basis.

Excessive waste has a negative impact on the environment, which is why we are fully committed to reducing it. If your business does not have waste management systems in place, we can provide free advice on how to be environmentally friendly and save money.

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